Other Worldly

Autumn 2022

15/10/22 to 30/11/22

A Group exhibition featuring new work from our gallery artists

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Morston Creek

Summer Exhibition 2022

1st June 2022 to 30th September 2022

A group exhibition featuring the work of our Gallery Artists

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Shadows and Light on the Stour

Richard Barrett 2022 Pop up

12th Frebruay

Richard Barrett has produced a new collection of work for The Saffron Walden Gallery for which we are both grateful and excited. Richard's work is much sought after throughout the UK and we hope you will find the time to pop in to enjoy it.

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Old Barge Blakeney

Winter 2021

13th October to 4th February 2022

A group exhibition featuring new work by Gail de Cordova, Glenn Badham, Debbie Baxter and many more

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Boats Along the Quay (Blakeney)

Summer 2021

22th June 2021 to 2nd September 2021

A group exhibition featuring the work of 50 Gallery artists

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Kitchen Poltergeist

Fluid Variations an Exhibition by Justin Hawkes

14th May 2021 to 4th June

An exhibition of work by watercolourist Justin Hawkes

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Light Breaking Through

Winter 2020/21

!st December 2020 to 28th February 2021

A group exhibition of original artwork, sculpture and ceramics featuring the work of over 50 artists

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Southwold Revisited

Autumn 2020

22nd October to 26th November 2020

A group exhibition featuring the work of over 30 artists, sculptors and ceramicists

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Billowing Skies Over the Fens

Summer 2020

Summer 2020

Bleak times but hopefully a ray of sunshine at The Saffron Walden Gallery with this group exhibition of uplifting art work.

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Losta Hosta

Winter 2020 Exhibition

4th February 2020 t0 31st March 2020

A Group Exhibition with the work of 50 artists, sculptors and ceramicists

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End of Term Peterhouse Cambridge

January Sale Now On

9th January 2020 to 31st January 2010

15% off all available paintings. Use Code January Sale at checkout on the online store and the discount will be applied.

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Bluebell Howe Wood

Into The Woods, A Celebration of Trees an Exhibition by Debbie Baxter

15th November to 30th November

Debbie Baxter has created an exciting body of work with the focus, as always, on all things arboreal. Since appearing on the BBC’s Countryfile in November 2018 Debbie has been much in demand both as an artist and as an advocate for the positive impact of trees on our environment and our personal psyche. Come and meet Debbie and enjoy a glass of wine on Friday 15th November from 5.30 to 8.30pm. Debbie will also be signing copies of her book Into The Woods A Celebration of Trees produced in collaboration with poet Gary Milsom.

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Road to Jerez

Autumn Group Show

1st October 2019 to 14th November 2019

A Group show with the work of 50 artists, ceramicists and Sculptors on show

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Translucent Variation 1

Spring Exhibition 2019

1st May to 30th June 2019

A Group exhibition featuring the work of over 20 artists, sculptors and ceramicists

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Minehead Beach Somerset

Winter 2019

8th January 2019 to March 1st 2019

A group exhibition of new work and sale items from our Gallery artists

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Autumn Still Life 2018

28th September to 22nd November 2018

A group exhibition with an emphasis on still life.

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Summer 2018

3rd July to 31st August 2018

A group exhibition featuring new work by Mark Halsey, David Gleeson Laurence Broderick and Nikki Sims and introducing ceramic jeweller Kat Forman

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November Lull

Spring 2018

1st April to 31st May 2018

A group exhibition with the work of over 50 artists, sculptors and ceramicists on display.

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A Road of Reflections

Winter Group Exhibition 2018

1st February 2018 to 31st March 2018

A group exhibition with the work of over 50 artists, sculptors and ceramicists on display.

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The Gloaming Hour


4th January 2018 to 31st January 2018

15% discount on purchases in store and online 21 participating artists. Use Code MSXQVZ99GYK8 at check out. In the Gallery just ask for the January sale price.

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Snowy Track Towards Debden

Deck the Halls

Friday 1st December

A Christmas Group exhibition featuring work from over fifty artists, ceramicists and sculptors.

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St Ives Harbour

The Sea, the Sea

Friday 3rd November to Saturday 25th November

One subject, six artists and six very different styles.

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Burning Sun

Autumn Group Exhibition 2017

22nd September 2017

A mixed exhibition featuring work from over fifty Artists, sculptors and ceramicists

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Halcyon Days

Between Dream and Memory. Gail de Cordova

25th August 2017

We are delighted to be showcasing a new body of work by Cambridge artist Gail de Cordova. There will be around 30 pieces on display which will include several of Gail's most recent body of work a monochrome series of interior and exterior objects and places.

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St Ives Harbour

Summer Group Exhibition 2017

20th June

A group exhibition featuring work from over 50 artists, sculptors and ceramicists.

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Snowy Track Towards Debden

Winter Group Show 2017

January and February 2017

A Group show with an extensive selection of work from some 50 painters , ceramicists, sculptors and fussed glass artists.

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Christmas Cheer 2016

25th November 2016

A special Christmas exhibition with new work from our gallery artists on display.

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Red Cow

Deborah The Magnificent!

20th October 2016 to 29th October 2016

A pop up exhibition of the work of celebrated Irish artist Deborah Donnelly.

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Sunset at Wells next the Sea

Autumn Group Show 2016

1st October to 20th October

A group show with new work from our Gallery artists on display.

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Holkham Beach

Autumn Group Exhibition 2016

2nd November 2016

An Autumn exhibition featuring new work by our Gallery artists

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Dawn over the Sound of Sleat

Summer 2016

26th July 2016 to 27th September 2016

New artwork on Show in this midsummer group exhibition

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Almost Done

Summer Group Show 2016

June 1st to July 21st 2016

A Summer Group show with the work of forty artists, ceramicists and sculptors on display.

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Clare College Bridge, Cambridge

Spring Group Show 2016

4th March 2016 to 30th June 2016

A group show featuring work from over forty artists to include paintings, ceramics and sculpture.

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Winter Group Exhibition

1st January 2016 to 28th February 2016

A group exhibition of paintings, sculpture and ceramics featuring the work of over forty artists.

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Snowy Track Towards Debden

Christmas Spirit Exhibition

27th November to 31st December

A Christmas exhibition with some lovely ideas for Christmas presents and artwork with a winter theme.

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Sweet Sorrow

November Group Exhibition

1st November to 27th November 2015

A Group exhibition showing new work by over forty artists, sculptors, ceramicists and glassware artists.

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Norfolk Quiet Sunset

October Sunsets

9th October to 31st October 2015

A display of dazzling October sunsets by a selection of superb landscape painters.

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Summer 2015 Group Exhibition

8th August to 8th October 2015

A group exhibition including work by our resident gallery artists and new bodies of work by Paul J Gunn, Nikki Sims, Stephen Foster, Daniel Gbenga Orimoloye and Chris Kendrick

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Looking Outward

Gail de Cordova & Helen Craig

17th July to 7th August 2015

A joint exhibition of exciting new work by resident artist, Gail de Cordova and Sculptor, Helen Craig. A dramatic and impressive mix - not to be missed!

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Poppy Field

Mixed Early Summer Group Show 2015

11th June to 16th July 2015

A group exhibition featuring our resident gallery artists.

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Fruits and Blooms

15th May to 5th June

A late Spring exhibition focusing on Spring blooms and Summer Fruits.

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Swans of Versailles, Waiting for Midnight

Addenbrooke's Hospital Exhibition 2015

7th May to July 2015

From May 7th to June 25th we are exhibiting work by gallery artists, including Katy Woodroffe, Stephen James and Jelena Lukic. Our exhibition can be found along the Art corridor in the main hospital. We hope this gives patients, medical staff and visitors the opportunity to find a moment to stop, pause and enjoy the beauty of art!

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North Norfolk Coast II

Spring 2015 Group Exhibition

Tuesday 14th April ~ Thursday 14th May 2015

A variety of new work on show to celebrate the coming of Spring! New work by artists, Emily Jarvis, Stephen James, Stephen Foster, Tiziana Bendall-Brunello and Daniel Gbenga Orimoloye to name but a few

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Cow Portrait

Paws, Claws & Cloven Hooves

20th March 2015 to 9th April 2015

An exhibition featuring Art and Sculpture of both domesticated animals and British wildlife.

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New Year Group Exhibition

2nd January 2015

New work to celebrate the New Year! A full & exciting range of work to be seen by our resident artists....

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Snowy Grantchester Meadows

The Holly & the Ivy Christmas Group Exhibition

28th November 2014 - 24th December

A Group Christmas Exhibition with a seasonal, festive feel!

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Evening Sky at Cley

Autumn Group Exhibition

15th November 2014 for two weeks

A group exhibition featuring new work by our resident artists and introducing new still life artist Robert Walker.

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Girl Holding Her Dress

Autumn Figurative Exhibition

25th October to 14th November 2014

In this figurative exhibition or, more specifically, celebration of the human form we will be displaying work by a wide range of artists and sculptors in a variety of media.

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On the Threshold: Guest

An Evening with Katy Woodroffe

Friday 17th to Friday 24th October

An opportunity to spend some time with Australian Master Printmaker Katy Woodroffe. The exhibition will run until Friday 24th October

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Snettisham Beach, Norfolk

Cambridge City Art Fair

9th to 12th October 2014

We will have a stand at The Cambridge City Art Fair at the Guildhall in Cambridge.

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Indian Summer Exhibition

12th August to 3rd October

A late Summer and early Autumn group exhibition.

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Summer Still Life Exhibition

18th July to 9th August 2014

A group exhibition of contemporary and traditional Still Life paintings.

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Morning Reflections, Thornham Quay

Summer Group Exhibition

11th June to 18th July 2014

An eclectic group exhibition featuring new work by resident artists and work from artists new to The Saffron Walden Gallery - a celebration of the summer season!

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Morning Tide

Gail de Cordova .... 'Form & Place'

Friday 23rd May to Saturday 7th June

A Solo Exhibition by Cambridge artist, Gail de Cordova. Gail is renowned for her textured, multi-layered style & uses a variety of media, using building and tearing techniques to create individual works of art. This exhibition features abstract landscape and still life work inspired by the light and colours of Cornwall & her ancestral home of Andalucia. Gail de Cordova has illustrated a poetry book 'Vessels & Visions' written by Janet Hujong, signed copies will be available to buy at her Private View and after at The Saffron Walden Gallery for £9.95

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Still Life with Cyclamen

Spring Exhibition

8th April to 23rd May 2014

Our Spring Exhibition will be a group show with new work from some twenty five artists, sculptors, ceramicists and fusion glass artists.

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Daniel Gbenga Orimoloye

22nd March to 5th April 2014

We are delighted to present an exhibition of the work of Daniel Gbenga Orimoloye. The Exhibition will include exciting new work inspired by the English countryside, but also include retrospective pieces influenced by Daniel's Nigerian heritage and his time spent in Cambridge and Saffron Walden where he is now resident.

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Path to the Sea

Winter Exhibition

February 2014

A group exhibition featuring our established Gallery artists but also including work by artists new to The Saffron Walden Gallery such as Gail de Cordova, Laurence Broderick and Laura Pentreath.

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From the Studio V

Christmas Exhibition 2013

23rd November to 24th December 2013

A Christmas group exhibition by our resident artists.

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Winter Snow Scene

The Art of Darkness

2nd November 2013

An exhibition of new work by Stephen James and Stephen J Foster.

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Autumn Exhibition 2013

21st September- 26th October2013

An exciting group exhibition featuring new work by resident artists and introducing artists new to The Saffron Walden Gallery.

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Still Life With Papaya

Group Exhibition Spring 2013

18 May – 21 June 2013

A group exhibition of an eclectic range of contemporary art.

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