Gail de Cordova & Helen Craig

17th July to 7th August 2015

Featuring new and exciting work by Gail de Cordova and welcoming Helen Craig to the gallery.  A dramatic and impressive mix - not to be missed!


Quote by Gail de Cordova May 2015

"The paintings in this exhibition follow my favourite themes and influences; the dramatic rocks and constantly changing seas, colours and textures of a magical Cornish childhood, of Spain and particularly of time spent in Andalucia soaking up the light and colour.  I often combine this with vessels and window view themes, reflecting a domestic life where objects move into the poetic realm.  I love playing with spaces, juxtaposing interiors and exteriors attempting to get under the skin of the place or experience."

'The Promise' by Gail de Cordova

The Promise




Quote by Helen Craig May 2015

"Much of my work deals with contrasts, such as the powerful horse and vulnerable rider. The larger animal with the smaller human. I prefer not to give my figures facial expressions, hopefully each viewer will make their own interpretation of what they see.  I favour fantastic rather than pure realism as this gives me more freedom of expression."

'Winged Horse' by Helen Craig

Winged Horse



Bird & Rider

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