Between Dream and Memory. Gail de Cordova

25th August 2017

Gail de Cordova's mixed media landscapes have a subtlety that allows us to find realism in abstraction. They hint at a dreamlike landscape that is surreal yet familiar, comforting but at the same time challenging. Her inspiration comes from the natural world and how she connects to it at a deeper level. 

The Creative Process

'I work with a variety of media and usually begin with the canvas or board on the floor. The media I use can include plaster, paper, sand, marble dust, acrylics, pastels and oils. I often kneel and move around the canvas as I work. It is only later that I make a decision about which way up the painting will go and work on it much more deliberately. The whole process involves vehemently tearing away, sometimes patiently building and pasting, dripping and smudging- removing and building layer upon layer. I like playing with the contrasts and contradictions between illusory space versus surface and texture; some areas are washes of watery colour and others are dense and textured. I usually have a number of paintings on the go at any one time and they can take many months of work. Sometimes I have to leave them alone for long periods -sometimes up to ayear or so- until suddenly I look at one afresh and know how to resolve it. The process enables me to express many contrasting emotions - from grief and dispair to lightness of being and joy.

This collection will feature favourite themes, which include craggy coastlines, changing seas and the colours and textures from a Cornish childhood and an Andalusian heritage.'



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