Welsh born, Chris was educated at Swansea school of art studying technical illustration and graphics. He has been involved in the creative industry for well over 20 years. He’s a skilled draughtsman but has always used a broad brush to express himself.  With extensive experience of working as an illustrator, visualiser and benefitting from national and international clients, Chris carved out a healthy professional career working in the disciplines of publishing, design and property. 

Nowadays he paints bold expressive landscapes, seascapes and architecture. His award winning paintings are rich in colour, texture and are representational or semi abstract in nature. He enjoys being out of doors, walking the gentle hills of the Midlands or the soaring coastal footpaths of Wales and beyond. These experienced impressions energise his imagination and frequently appear in his work.

He regularly exhibits his paintings and his work hangs in many private collections throughout the UK and overseas. In recent years and since he has committed himself to painting full time he has received much praise and with notable success. Chris has a distinctive and original approach to his practice and chooses to present and build his own artwork and frames. Therefore offering the viewer a unique, immersive and personal experience of his work.

Chris draws, paints, scrapes, smudges and throws his paint from his home studio hidden away at a quiet nook in rural Northamptonshire.

From the Artist

“My current body of work is predominantly landscape. It deals with light, space, movement and a sense of place without being overly specific. ‘Representational’ or ‘semi abstract’ are fitting words that have been used to describe them.

My painterly textured works are influenced by many things... music, architecture, people and of course other artists namely Whistler, Singer Sargent, Turner and in recent years, Eardley, Tress and Kanevski. They evolve from a personal, self-initiated place and are generally a response to my day to day existence. I tend to lean towards mood, shape, colour and nature, articulating ‘glimpses of life’ and interpreting them in a style that puts a little abstraction into the situation. 

The subject matter is essentially selected from my emotional response to the topic. From a considered drawing, I work on paper, canvas or panel, pushing and pulling my paint, daubing, scratching and distressing the surface until I sense something magical emerge. I enjoy the sensuality of the paint, the surface I work on and most essentially the subject matter. My work is often prepared plein-air... walking, seeing, thinking and sketching are essential components of my work practice. 

The finished artwork however will be completed in my studio. 

In essence I wish my paintings to convey a sense of beauty, intrigue and place; something that can be enjoyed and lived with.  I therefore create my own interpretation of a world which I am delighted to share with you and hopefully leave you intrigued, captivated and not too perplexed!”