Ian Evans 


Ian went to Cambridge School of Art in 1963 studying Graphic Design and went on to work for the Readers Digest through the seventies and early eighties as an Art Production Editor. Then  he worked for a local design company which led him to set up his own Rockwell Design Consultancy. In 2010 Ian retired from graphics and set up Rockwell Pottery as a retirement project with his wife Annie. It could be said that their work was “graphic design meets ceramic art”. All Ian's work is strongly design led and is hand-built. Each pot is either slab built, press moulded or made on a form. Using these methods of potting, the shapes can be a little irregular and are filled with the tell-tale signs of the hand of the artist, thereby giving them plenty of character. His latest work is very sculptural, using the family and relationships as a starting point. The family group is one avenue showing interaction between family members. In a more abstract way I have used bone and driftwood as inspiration for ‘relationship’ between natural objects.