Jelena Lukic studied at the Royal Academy of Art, London, graduating in 1990.  Jelena has exhibited frequently at the Royal Academy Summer Show and in other London galleries.  She has won many awards, including The Hunting Group Student Prize and Contemporary View Postgraduate Prize, in which her work was auctioned by Christies.

After having children, Jelena worked as a creative designer at an art college and lives in the Saffron Walden area where she now paints full time.  

'Inspiration is never just from one point, but is influenced by many things. Quite often I begin a painting in oil and translate onto a digital process, returning later to oil painting.  I love the layering and cross processing of ideas and mediums.  As I continue to create, new forms emerge.  In my recent book, 'Feet Rooted, Still Swaying', one thing grows out of another, creating a series of images.'