Keith's paintings are a snapshot of nature, where motion becomes still. Contemporary, eye-catching and detailed studies combined with dynamic compositions and vibrant colours. Often, but not always, fish.

He has painted and been fascinated by wildlife since childhood. However, when Keith first decided to take the leap to become a professional artist he decided to concentrate on one subject, allowing him to find his own artistic style and build a reputation within a particular field. Initially he chose the oriental and beautifully ornamental fish, Nishikigoi (Koi) for their power, grace and colour variations, which have proved the ideal muse for his painting style.

Keith has embraced the same work ethos that the most eminent Japanese Koi breeders use in nurturing their Champions: Dedication, patience, detail, enthusiasm and passion.

These skills have enabled him to expand and experiment with his subject matter, including Orchids to continue the Oriental theme of Koi, Tropical Marine fish and other Sealife inspired by my scuba diving experiences to Food Art.