Reuben, now Suffolk based, has 30 years experience as a Ceramicist, with hereditary influences from a diverse artistic background.
His ideas grew from the style and characteristics of Hans Coper, resulting in a thrown and distorted arrangement which is a pleasing and a non conformist image to the eye. 
Reuben's creations reflect the incredible work of Austrian Ceramicist Lucy Rie. Her tall elegant forms and unrestrained glaze pouring technique are an inspiration to follow.
Katherine also throws her own ceramics but enjoys adding finishing touches to Reuben's pieces occasionally to reflect organic forms and shape. She has studied how nature's growth can often be compromised. It has to diversify in its development but in doing so, creates unpredictability and beauty. An inspired artist Helaine Blumenfeld emulates this perfectly. Helaine produces beautiful sculptural work that angelically flows and appears weightless despite its solid state. 
All of our work is thrown stoneware using a blend of clay to give stability in construction and a bright lustre to the glaze and fired in an oxidising atmosphere. The aesthetic and tactile glazes are developed in the studio by the alchemy of experimenting with a large range of raw materials and oxides.
Together they have created 'Mushi' from the Japanese meaning " To embrace imperfections in ceramic form". We emphasise this by following the structure and complexity of nature.