Steve was born at the end of the fifties in the north of England. He moved south when he was seven. His family moved around a great deal and he now feels totally rootless. Indeed, he has a much greater affinity with Mexico, where he lived in the 80s.

He was educated at Kimbolton School and The Courtauld Institute. He studied History of Art, which shows in the multiple references hidden in much of his work. He waited a while before doing a PGCE at Homerton College, Cambridge. Since then he has been a supply teacher. He did a Foundation Course, but considered himself essentially an autodidact.

Steve describes abstraction without meaning as merely decoration and that all art is abstracted, but if it is extrapolated from nothing, it is nothing. He considers himself an intellectual and believes the back-story of the images is crucial to understanding them, but welcomes alternative interpretations, just as modern theoreticians recategorise past masterpieces through the lens of Freud and Jung, he believes it does not change them, just amplifies their profundity.

His productivity always startled his teachers and patrons: “I have had two solo shows, and have sold to  private collections in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, as well as in Mexico and the USA”.

His current work looks to the Mayan Underworld for inspiration. There is a degree of dark intent behind the focus on Death and the Afterlife, but he wants the beauty of the paintings to sublimate this sombre theme, to be affirming and redemptive.

Steve's work was selected by the Royal Academy in 2012 for display in the Summer Exhibition.

Steve's Painting 'Coatlicue' has been shortlisted for the Gemini Art Prize , the result of which will be announced on 23rd January 2014.