ZEITWARP is a one person multidisciplinary creative studio near Cambridge (UK), producing original paintings, digital art, music/sound/noise, physical installations, augmented reality activations, sculpture and sporadic one-off design pieces.


MUSIC GRAFFITI is a series of original music-themed physical paintings. Each painting has a background pattern that represents the interpretation and transformation of a musical idea or thought into a visual concept. The large black single crotchet (quarter note) symbol acts as an identifier, adopting a first wave street art graffiti aesthetic. The textured Béton Brut “architectural” surfaces also act as a substitute for a physical wall. The MUSIC GRAFFITI paintings are the ‘genesis node’ within a long-term creative project called FEEDBACK LOOPS that explores transformations between the sensory spaces of Sound & Vision, Music & Art…while traversing back and forth between physical and digital forms. MUSIC > ART > SOUND > VIDEO > AUGMENTED REALITY > REPEAT


The naming convention for each individual painting is one of the 24 (standard western) musical keys, plus a number indicating chronological position in the key series. The ‘key signature’ of each painting is generated by scanning the semi-abstract background pattern through a combination of visual synthesizers, and selecting the key that complements the visual effect. The resulting audio stems are used within the next evolution of the piece into audio form, and then ultimately as an audiovisual digital video artwork in its own right.


Production Notes: Mixed media, water-based enamel paints, silica, on stretched box canvas. Dimensions: 91.5cm (H) x 61cm (W) x 3.8cm (D)