New summer abstracts by Stephen J Foster

There are some new summer abstracts currently on display in the gallery. Summer fields are captured in a vibrant display of colour in these new pieces instantly recognisable as the work of Stephen J Foster.

As described by the artist,

"The Field Marks series has evolved from drawings of fields and hillsides made around Corfe and Swanage in the Purbecks, Dorset and the North Norfolk coast around Blakeney and Holkham.  I am primarily looking for abstract patterns in the lie of the land, but somehow the weather, the atmosphere and my emotional attachment to those places seem to get tied in too.  The interaction between sea and land is often important.

Although they are clearly a series of paintings and have similar roots, it is very important to me that each painting goes in its own direction and achieves a balance and harmony of its own, independently of the rest."