Tristan MacDougall ~ Portrait Commissions

Sakura Earthenware Bust

The commissioning of portrait artwork has long been popular as a means of creating a physical, enduring memory of a loved one, of capturing a point in time and immortalising the moment.

Portraiture is a work incorporating two statements, one by the portrait artist about perception, style and skill and another by the portrait subject on his or her place in the world.  Thus, attire, pose and facial expression have always played a central role in portraiture.  An urge for self-documentation leads many people to commission artistic likenesses to display and save for future generations.

The fact that we have the National Portrait Gallery is a testament to the enduring appeal of the genre.  At The Saffron Walden Gallery we have the classically trained Tristan MacDougall (biography below) who is accepting commissions for bronze and earthenware busts, bas-relief and portrait drawings.

A lifesize mounted bronze bust is £4,500, earthenware busts are £3,600 - this includes the artist travelling to the subjects home for up to four 1-2 hour sittings.  Bas-relief and drawings require 1-2 sittings and are priced at £1,500 for a bas-relief and £840 for a portrait drawing.  Some travelling expenses may be charged depending on geography.  More examples of previous commissions can be seen on Tristan's page under sculpture /artists/tristan-macdougall/

Tristan was educated at Winchester School of Art and gained a BA (Hons) in Sculpture.  He then travelled to Florence where he studied drawing and sculpture in the Classical Tradition at The Florence Academy of Art.  He then went on to achieve a MA with distinction in History of Art at University of York.

"At the centre of all my work is a deep respect and love for the tradition of classical sculpture.  

I am driven by the desire to push my craft to even higher standards and have spent several years of intensive study in drawing and sculpting the human form.  I believe that the greatest art is that in which we can lose ourselves, an emotive landscape where we can surrender ourselves with complete abandon to the form of artwork.  Our inner worlds can be stimulated and our emotions moved by the subtle articulations of the figure, the rhythm of a line, the movement of the drapery across flesh or the playful intercourse of light and shadow."

At the centre of Tristan's work is a deep respect and love for the tradition of classical sculpture.  Each piece is the culmination of years of study and long periods of toil in his studio.  On completion he feels a great sense of deep and abiding pleasure. 

Sakura bas relief