Emily Jarvis


Emily Jarvis is one of East Anglia's most exciting young artists. She has a large following of her vibrant paintings. She works in oil and mixed media on canvas.


A progression from the ‘Himba’ collection, this series of work still has traditional figurative subjects, but each is given a contemporary narrative by using space, light and a solid white backdrop to the solitary figure.

With a raw, simplistic and incomplete style, the artist hopes to engage theviewer’s imagination to complete the whole image themselves.

The simplification of an image draws on the viewer's imagination allowing them to make up their own story behind the work.“You don’t need the whole image for something to be beautiful” ... words that inspired this new series.


"This body of work enables me to incorporate colour and movement with more freedom. The work represents an attempt to hint at moving water whilst articulating a fresh approach to technique and composition. 

My work derives from the simple form of movements, the moment paint touches canvas, the release of energy, to the moment the painting is complete. The process of my way of working is encouraged by my interest in repetition. The repetitive process I adopt when producing a series of work, for me signifies the repetitive motion of flowing water."


"The 'Umbrella' series is based on my husband and I. It was born from three components; we both love to walk, I have a complete obsession with Umbrellas, and water has been a running theme throughout my work.Since getting our first dog we have spent more time travelling to different places in the UK to walk together and the theme of the series definitely captures the English weather!"

Emily takes inspiration from photographs and memories of the many times she has walked in or got caught in the rain. The figures faces are concealed by the umbrella which allows for intrigue and the viewer to adopt their own story to the paintings. Whether it is a winter downpour or a spring/summer shower, Emily's paintings evoke a sense of fun in the rain.

A local joiner makes the canvas frames from tulip wood and Emily stretches a high quality canvas onto the frame herself. She feels very invested in the process because she is so physically involved with her artwork long before the paintbrushes come out, she feels this enriches the perception of the originality of work.