Geri Jones


Since childhood Geri has been motivated by her love of Art, be it creating, teaching or appreciating it. Graduating from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA(hons) in the late 1980’s, Geri specialised in Visual Communication, which led to a career in Illustration in London, followed by a stint at Trinity Newspapers. After having her children, she embarked on a career in teaching which she continues to this day.

She has exhibited in Edinburgh and London as well as in the Castlegate House Gallery in Cumbria.‘The accuracy of recording and observational skills taught to me by my tutor Harry Moore Gordon is intrinsic to all my work. It is this together for my enthusiasm for all genres that often makes my paintings look eclectic. During my Illustration career I worked predominantly in watercolour and was obsessed by pattern and detail. However, over the years I have learned to say more with less and now work exclusively in oils. I admire the economy of colour and form I see in other artists work to convey meaning, and am constantly learning the language of colour. Despite this rationale, many of my still-life paintings are composed of beautiful floral forms and exquisite objet d’art which demand more focus, and I can lose myself in the nuanced detail I find so beautiful’.